Solvita Compost Test included in Australian Standard AS 4454 (2012)

The revised Australian Standard AS4454® (2012) for Composts, soil conditioners and mulches was released on the 29th February 2012. It includes significant revision of the requirements for those businesses implementing the new standard and those claiming compliance with the standard.

Of particular relevance to Solvita® is the requirement to determine the Maturity Index detailed in Appendix N. For classification as either compost or mature compost, materials need to obtain threshold levels in approved tests for both Biological Stability and Plant Growth (Table N3.2 of AS4454).

Meter sor compost maturityThe Solivta Compost Test is an approved method and can supply data for both tests. Importantly, the test can be done at the composting site, and the short incubation time (4 hours) allows an assessment of compost maturity before a sample is despatched for laboratory testing.